Primus Inter Pares: A New Approach to Leadership

By Sarah Alexander We are all familiar with the traditional management practices that evolved from the Industrial age from the 18th and 19th Century. During this period, managers ‘managed’ through strict practices, rigid regimes, and direct forms of control. This … Continue reading

The Business of Making the Whole World See

Andy Hix attended the talk by Dr Venkatesh, at ConsciousLab London. It led to a meaningful discussion on social businesses and role of a conscious approach in future of business. He shares some of his thoughts below. You might think that one of the … Continue reading

20 March Event : An engrossing and Inspirational Experience

On 20 March 2014 I participated in a fascinating and insightful Consciouslab interactive panel discussion, Women’s Approach to Consciousness and Business. As a trainee coach myself, I found it really useful to hear different viewpoints and see how people are applying consciousness … Continue reading

Why consciousness will make the difference, if your business is to be successful in the near future!

Consciousness is from my definition: a quality of a dynamic evolutionary process which is able to integrate all states of awareness- inside and outside. Most of us, who are running organizations, are facing daily obstacles and numerous unexpected issues. To … Continue reading

ConsciousLab Debate on 20 March 2014

The Event: Women’s Approach to Consciousness and Business For the first time ConsciousLab introduces the much requested multi-speaker “presentations and panel discussion” event. In one evening, experience views and insights into ‘Conscious Business’ from panelists and business leaders followed, by … Continue reading