Voices from other ‘Adventurers’

Voices from other ‘Adventurers’ in 2013 Trip


Photo Source : Karin Mlaker

“When I signed up to go on the ‘Adventure to Consciousness’ I was excited and intrigued but really didn’t know what to expect. Luckily I had no preconceived expectations, as nothing would have prepared me for the most inspiring week. The activities were diverse, thought provoking & exciting and definitely raised consciousness. Almost two months later I am feeling the “after shocks” of this trip and absorbing and reflecting on the wonderful people and initiatives we experienced in Puducherry!”

(Stella Photi, Founder & Managing Director of Wellbeing Escapes, London)

“Soul searching, experiencing something magical and learning from an inspiring group of people. That’s how I would sum up our wonderful trip to Puducherry. It’s an experience I will never ever forget. Thank you Claudia and Shilpa for sharing this magical journey with us all.”


Photo Source : Karin Mlaker

(Jane Houghton, Director Member Engagement, The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, London)

“I have been to India before on a number of business and tourist trips, but ConsciousLab’s ‘Adventure to Consciousness’ provided me with entirely new impressions and experiences, allowing me to merge with this fascinating country in an unexpected way. This experience has contributed to my personal growth and I’m already using it in my daily professional work with business leaders and influential people, so that they can integrate personal, financial, social and environmental interests more holistically and easily.”

(Carsten Ohrmann, Chairman of CxO-Coaching, Germany)

Please also visit a beautiful blog by Katja Marjan sharing some of her experiences during the 2013 trip

Please read a detailed post on this blog by Karin Mlaker on her experiences during the 2013 trip. See Link


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