Raising Consciousness in Business’

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. In an ever changing, turbulent and fast paced environment, pressure to produce results is always on the rise. Business is becoming increasingly complex in response and the dominance of ever changing technology; generation change and shifts in consumer behavior require new ways of engagement. Incremental change is often not adequate to succeed, and/or to remain relevant. It requires and demands a profound rethink.

Times of ongoing change and transformation in business have profound effects on us as individuals, as leaders and those we are leading.

It is no longer about re-skilling and re-packaging tried and tested products, services and strategies. The world now faces the challenge of addressing both the persisting and high impact issues through attitudinal change that goes beyond ‘mental barriers’ and conventional change management systems.

ConsciousLab is a platform to raise consciousness in business.

You want to lean more?


Enable leaders to raise consciousness in themselves and their businesses, going ‘beyond the norm’ to higher performance through total integrity. This is achieved through providing a platform offering:

  • Expertise that is diverse in culture, industry and geography
  • Thought-provoking ideas and solutions
  • A range of practices and tools

Raising consciousness for tomorrow’s leaders and their businesses.


Growing and developing organisations based on conscious leadership,

  • in which human value is known to be the generator for sustainable growth;
  • in which all employees connect with each other as human beings, not “human doings”;
  • where the purpose is based on collaboration, contribution and service, not fear, greed and control;
  • unity in which diversity, equality and creativity are encouraged;


ConsciousLab was founded for leaders by leaders. The forum to continuously co-create and renew transformation strategies, that go beyond ‘mental barriers’.

ConsciousLab is a social enterprise and an initiative of the International Institute for Human Unity (IIHU), a UK registered charity 279403

ConsciousLab does not prescribe or subscribe to any one school of management thought or belief. It is a platform that is open to all. In fact, we believe that the diversity of thinking and collaboration will help us to evolve and grow individually and collectively.

For more information please view www.consciouslab.org

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