The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success

Dear John Reynard,  on our special request, has agreed to do a series of 4 exclusive posts for ConsciousLab. In these he shares wisdom from his life and his latest book titled . 

The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success: From Harassed Sole Trader to Visionary CEO

This is the first post of the series, in which he shares a brief overview of his book.


Richard Branson and Lord Sugar are outstanding high achievers who created multiple businesses and made considerable fortunes. Unfortunately, for every entrepreneur who has made a million, there are thousands who struggle for years and fail to get beyond the state of harassed sole trader. They enjoy good years but then suffer poor ones and never experience the abundance they actually deserve.

Such was my situation until beyond the age of 60. My life began to change when I ceased separating my Spiritual life from my business life and committed to integrating the two. I had always thought that within each of us there is an essence, a Higher or Spiritual Self that is all knowing, compassionate and seeks the best for everyone. I believed this but failed to live by it. I conformed to conventional attitudes and denied my authentic self. In so doing I created a split that was costing me my success. I was blocking access to my Higher Self and the source of my spontaneity, creativity and power.

Once I committed to integration within myself everything changed. To the outer world we became one of the fastest growing Market Research companies in Europe. We were highly profitable and served blue chip companies across the globe. In terms of the ‘Bigger Picture’ we were a deeply bonded team, united through compassion and understanding. We genuinely cared for and supported one another. Everyone enjoyed coming to work and gave their absolute best. Our ethics flowed naturally into our care of clients and respect for our suppliers. When it became time to move on, my wife and I conducted an MBO, leaving the business to go forward under its own steam.

This book tells my own journey from harassed sole trader to Visionary CEO. It demonstrates why trust wins out over control, joint purpose beats coercion, self-empowerment replaces fear and integrity prevails over deceit. It will have meaning to:

  • Harassed Sole traders and small company entrepreneurs who sense a Higher or Spiritual Self within themselves and want to grow their business to a size where it achieves significant inherent value
  • Entrepreneurs and forward thinking Company Executives who seek to live their business lives in alignment with their highest ideals and realise their potential as Visionary CEO’s

John Reynard

John Reynard

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