Spirituality and Success

On the 14th of July, ConsciousLab hosted an interactive forum  by Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawatiji  – renowned speaker and activist for the integration of spirituality with western culture – on July 14th, 2014. Summary of some interesting points for our readers below:

  • To realize that all aspects of our lives contribute to its balance: spirituality is as much a priority as wealth, family and career. However it is the lack of spiritual or meditative practice that leads to dis-ease or stress caused by unfulfilled satisfaction.
  • The value of spirituality or meditation is that it is proven to directly benefit health and productivity of employees and also reduces their turnover.
  • Modern sciences in the form of molecular biology or quantum physics confirm the interconnection of energy. It is the scientific approach of spiritual oneness: the unity of our individual physical expressions in spirit.
  • To view life from the perspective of Ego results from fully anchoring one’s attention on comparing and competing incessantly in order to win. It confuses the notions of winning and succeeding. Winning implicates disregard for higher morality and intelligence because it is restrictive in its essence: there can only be one winner. The product of such narrow-minded conduct can only result in disharmony. It cannot be the result of any harmonious flow of exchange or transactions because there is no balance in mutual benefit.


    Photo Source: Jonathan Perugia – http://www.jpfoto.com

  • Spirit is the energy that flows through all that is. It is what spiritual practitioners view as the Divine. This Divinity is perceived as the intelligence acting with the most harmonious values and energy. It is the open door in each living being that leads to its greatness. The door that can never be closed as it is life and creation. It is the way to success (cf. successus in Latin = Result).
  • Engaging in righteous action or Karma is our responsibility. It allows us to honor the gifts of intelligence, creativity, initiative and compassion given to us in our differently expressed divine ways. It is engaging in action with awareness of the Spirit existing in each living being. Furthermore it is to act in union with the Spirit. Divine action is therefore to live in union: a unity with others and ourselves.


    Photo Source: Jonathan Perugia – http://www.jpfoto.com

  • Values produce our beliefs, thoughts and actions. Karma is the product of a way of life with righteous values or Dharma. This is achieved from a universal perspective with the expression of honesty, integrity, compassion and generosity. From an individual perspective it is to act in respect of one’s own path. This means living a life that allows the expression of what brings us joy. This implies to focus on one’s true passion without letting anything distract us. Other paths may serve as inspiration and it is useful to embrace them. However attention should always identify with one’s own awareness.
  • Acting with an awareness of the divine or Brahma is what truly brings joy. It is the product of the connection with nature, people and all that one perceives in creation. It is the intelligence of Love.
  • Success is to begin with love. The action produced by and with love can only bring forth wealth and success. And wealth is received in many ways. To be prosperous in one’s mind and heart creates true prosperity in joy for all and with all.

About Sadhviji:

Sadhviji was raised in Hollywood, California.   Having graduated from Stanford University, she was completing her Ph.D when she left America to live permanently at the Parmarth Niketan Ashram on the banks of the holy River Ganges in Rishikesh, India. Having lived in India for eighteen years she has taken vows of service and become an internationally renowned speaker and activist, with a particular focus on the integration of spirituality with western culture.


The above writeup based on the talk is contributed by Salmaan Nahaas





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