Art and Consciousness..

For some art is life and for some life is an art. Hence, these words by a Zen Master.

I am an artist at living- my work of art is my life. ~Shunryu Suzuki

Art and an artist’s consciousness are secretly intertwined. Some recognize this connection, some hide it but all artists know of the moments when inspiration takes over and they exceed themselves through their art. Elizabeth Gilbert, the well known author of Eat, Pray, Love explains how creativity comes to people in those special moments. If you feel enthused after reading till now, I do recommend you check out TED her talk titled ‘Your elusive Creative Genius’

ConsciousLab had the pleasure of interacting with an artist with a difference, one who recognizes and explores her inner inspirations , consciously. Her name is Piercarla Garusi. She explores channelling the energy of consciousness through her into her paintings. On coming in touch with ConsciousLab and after some digital interactions with ConsciousLab co-founder Claudia Roth, Piercarla channelled a painting. She presented that painting to ConsciousLab founders at an event on 22nd May .


A few words selected words from Piercarla on this painting and process of its birth:

“As I always say, my paintings are not ‘my’ paintings; they have an identity completely of their own, and even more for this painting. This painting is very special…

..I normally channel my paintings in that I let the Divine guide me with the feeling in the choice of colors and I follow the Energy, that is I connect with the Energy and allow the Energy to take over and my hand is really very much just a tool. This is not easy for me, because it requires full trust, no judgment and no control. I am a mathematician, plus I have not studied Art and often the Energy requires very bold things which is not easy to follow.

But in this case, it was altogether different..

What I was experiencing is that ConsciousLab is an incredible, multidimensional, huge, healing entity, breathing and alive, with such incredibly high and Loving vibrations. 
The feeling is something like going in a forest. 
There was a lot of dark green colors in my experience.

So I knew that the background color had to be in the colors of green.

..I had no ideas of the words or anything else and it is very difficult to trust and allow the words to emerge without knowing them first with the conscious mind. My thought was: will I ruin the painting? Maybe. Well, if so, I will do another one. And my other thought was: I do not want and hope not to put through my own message, or work, or ego.

Anyway, so the words in the four corners and the rest emerged, like a story, and the symbols in the centre, and I knew it was done. When the Energy stops, I have to stop painting.

The painting was born.”

You can explore more about this artist with a difference at the following links.


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