Can a Business Savvy Executive become a Social Intrapreneur ?

The answer is a big YES!  We are seeing a huge trend where people in organisations are being internally stirred to do meaningful work that has an impact on society and the ecology.  Slogging for the benefit of creating more wealth for shareholders is no longer an appealing option for many.  In the last decade, there has been a flurry of employees leaving the comfort of their corporate nests to work on social or environmental projects and many have set up social enterprises from scratch.  But there has been another breed of employees showing up in companies who are challenging the status quo and catalysing change from within and launching entrepreneurial initiatives with social/environmental objectives.  I call these the pioneering ones.

They have surely been leading the way and have shown a lot of grit in getting people on board and making their social or eco ideas a reality in a commercially driven organisation.  Some have been innovative and come up with completely new solutions that the company can support (Nick Hughes at Vodafone developed M-PESA, a mobile payment system for communities in Kenya), some have busted silos and broken boundaries to make their social dreams a reality (Amy Chen at Pepsico initiated ‘Food for Good’ to provide healthy meals to kids at risk of hunger in the US), and others have been secret change agents and embedded seeds of change that have transformed communities (Grameen bank providing micro loans to women in Bangladesh) and some others have just been re-imagining the way the world can be and are creating systemic change.

And it is not just about what they do but ‘who they are being’ and what they have ‘touched within’ their core is what attracts people to them – knowingly or unknowingly, and galvanises their projects.    It is not just the external transformation and impact that they have created that is important.  It is actually the internal transformation and expanded awareness of each social intrapreneur and their journey that reflects their underlying intention for change.  It points to the fact that they stand for something bigger than themselves and open to doing it all differently in the world.

As a result of this internal change, either through a key turning point in their life or through the experience of being connected to beings in unfortunate circumstances, a journey seeking for new meaning in life begins.  Perspectives shift, the status quo feels constrained and unfair, different realities and possibilities begin to emerge, connection to beings across the world heightens and an urge to transform systems and structures that create inequity and exploit human and planet potential becomes the new mission.  Within each person new capabilities become available as the old ways are rewired.  And as Rumi says, as we each transform within, the external manifests in accordance and in alignment with the new.

So, to find out if you are a social intrapreneur or if you are feeling called to make a difference within your company and want to know how and understand what is happening in this area, then join us at the event on the 25th of June at the Hub Westminster, London.

About the Author:

Manisha Dahad is the Co-Founder of World Changers & Co

To attend her talk titled : Aware, Awake and in Action  please visit:




4 thoughts on “Can a Business Savvy Executive become a Social Intrapreneur ?

    • Very true Susan, at ConsciousLab through discussions and workshops with though leaders we are trying to create an awareness on these invisible drivers in life.

    • Very true Susan. And I also think that once something is activated within, individuals are driven from a calling and respond to what is required in the world. And quite often as part of a collective. What a wonderful way to function in the world ~ from a purpose together with others.

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