Ego Leadership:  The Killer Virus

Tony J Selimi is a dynamic speaker, coach and author . He has been invited to give a talk at ConsciousLab London on this 22th May 2014.  He shares some of his thoughts on our blog,  to build up the discussion before this well awaited talk.

Three years ago I was in a leadership role in the corporate world.  I often came across many senior executives who’s leadership style would send a wave of negativity that would emotionally arouse my entire team. On daily basis I had to deal with many senior executives who’s were excellent leaders, yet lacked people leadership skills and the concept of conscious leadership and emotional intelligence was foreign to them.

In the highest echelons of business, to be an authoritarian leader may seem normal. However for many co-workers though, it’s sacrilege. Many people would not say anything due to fear of being judged or let go as the prospects of finding a better jobs were very slim.

I have to admit I’m always amused when corporations actively create cultures of burnout and then wonder why retention is a problem, team under perform and there is a culture of distrust.

Now…this is the part where I have to tell you these are usually the same organizations that actively create cultures of competition and then wonder why employees can’t get along.

The fact is – you can sugar-coat the career journey by calling it a ladder, a lattice, or a jungle gym, but at the end of the day – it still isn’t working for us.

However, I know I speak for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people when I say that we don’t want to lean in to a broken system.

The problem isn’t us. The problem with business is business itself and they need to redefine success to include compassion, influence, and the well-being of every individual within the business.

The pace and demands of being “successful” today are becoming increasingly incompatible with something business has rarely stopped to consider before: Happiness, Joy and fulfillment.

Obviously, I agree.


In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if we HAD stopped to consider well-being as a success metric before now, perhaps a quarter of people in the UK and around the world wouldn’t be using antidepressants, alcohol and caffeine as a way to cope with the demands of their jobs and their leaders.

This is serious stuff people.

How can you ever tap into your full potential if you’ve become so disconnected and unfocused with your own life that you’re just going through the motions waiting to go home so you can get up and do it all over again?

Of course, this is where conscious leadership comes in.

Because when we act more deliberately we make better decisions – and when we make better decisions life begins to unfold as it should.

I now coach many senior executives of some of the top 10 FTSE companies to be more conscious by looking at what is happening in their inner world that has a direct impact on their leadership style. I often ask them about how various decisions they make are made. What seems to be common about most of them is their reference to past or future.

I bring their awareness to being in the moment, to making decision from the present time, and help them shift to right now. In the present. With their whole self.

I believe that A Conscious Leader is someone who leads with Conscious Awareness.  Conscious Awareness is “a process of recognizing what is going on inside and out, the effects of decisions and actions, and the interaction between a complex array of factors and forces.” I have used this powerful tool with many CEO’s, entrepreneurs and senior managers for transcending unconscious patterns, fostering an expanded perspective and openness to new possibilities.

Although many businesses now that Leadership is a process of inspiring and engaging others to move in a direction together and to accomplish something together, few businesses activate and sustain this process.

Conscious Businesses are organizations with Conscious Cultures catalyzed by Conscious Leaders who recognize the higher purpose of their business and the interdependence of the stakeholders in their business.

Leaders who lead from this awareness – are essential to the ongoing learning, growth and development of organization, and of the people who comprise its corpus (the word corporation comes from Latin root corpus or body. To incorporate is to embody).

On 22nd of May, I will share with you his insights about the inner game that can paralyse the business, the leaders, the people and the customer.

You will also have the opportunity to learn how to use his 5 pillar method of the ground breaking TJS Evolutionary Method: The ALARM to address these issues at the root cause and creating a culture within the organization that is inclusive, nurturing, creative, trustworthy, transparent, enabling, empowering and inspiring place to be.

The benefits:

  • Acknowledge and own your power (influence)
  • Listen to your body’s wisdom and experience life through the infinite wisdom of love (compassion, acceptance)
  • Accept your authentic self and achieve higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence. (Authenticity, be true to who you are)
  • Reconnect to your life’s purpose, have greater clarity, and focus ( purpose)
  • Master your life, live your dreams. (Results, value)

All candidates by the end of the talk will have experienced and learn my 5 Healthy seeds that each leader and organization needs to plant to create and cultivate conscious leaders and organizations.


About Tony J Selimi: Is an internationally renowned Author, Elite Life & Business Success Coach, Mentor, Speaker and a Healer. Tony specializes in working with a range of individuals who experience stress, anger, emptiness and feel their life lacks clarity, vision and purpose. He empowers and transforms people’s lives. He helps them dissolve volatile emotions and old beliefs that may be running their life. He is renowned for his ability to get to the core of what causes these issues.

To attend the talk on 22nd  May:


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