The Seven Hallmarks of Spiritually Intelligent Leaders

Sarah Alexander, gave a beautiful talk on the 10 th of April at ConsciousLab, London. On special request from the Editor of ConsciousLab blog, she summarizes for us a few key insights:


Our Spiritual Intelligence is the deep inner wisdom, knowledge and insight that is within us all. It is the innate goodness, kindness and compassion that we all share. This Intelligence can see the bigger picture of our lives individually, and the Higher picture of all lives collectively. It guides us through our gut feelings, our inner hunches and our inspired and creative ideas, always in alignment with our highest good.

The value of our Spiritual Intelligence is that it is able to see all situations and people with objective awareness. It does not have the personal mental filters and limited perceptions through which we see and evaluate everything and everyone that we meet. This Intelligence can see clearly the way forward for us as leaders because it has knowledge of all of the facts in any situation (which in truth, we do not have) and it has the predictive powers that we also lack.

This inner Intelligence can guide us both practically, on everyday business issues, as well as provide us with wider insights on larger life questions. All we have to do is ask this Intelligence for guidance and listen to receive its answers. These answers may come in the form of new intuitive ideas and thoughts, information that your awareness just seemingly gets drawn to, or a new sense of direction and purpose that naturally arises in your business and life.

Our Spiritual Intelligence operates in conjunction with our learned intelligence, our emotional intelligence and our body’s innate intelligence. The more we acknowledge it and use it, the more profoundly it affects our consciousness. This Intelligence guides us also to let go of limited thinking and programming and all the negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves. It nudges us to step into our True, Authentic Self. It guides us to embrace our purpose and use all the talents, skills and gifts that we have for the betterment of the world. For this is how we become Spiritually Intelligent Leaders.

The key to connecting to your Spiritual Intelligence is the practice of meditation. This includes the focusing and stilling of your mind, even if just by observing your breath for 5 – 10 minutes a day.  When you quieten our mind’s chatter, gradually the wisdom of your Spiritual Intelligence can speak to you clearly and guide you forward.

In my book, Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership: From Manager to Leader in Your Own Life, I highlight the seven inner hallmarks of Spiritually Intelligent leaders. These include a belief in your value and worth, a knowing that your security is within you, a reliance on your intuited wisdom, a deep faith in the over-arching goodness of life, a knowledge that right intentions are key to right actions, the willingness to let your inner light shine and lastly the approach to leadership based on equality: Primus Inter Pares. With these seven inner foundations in place you are in a position to lead effectively in any capacity.

As Spiritually Intelligent leaders we recognize the difference between our True Self, which is the ‘inner Leader’ in our lives, gently guiding us forward from within, and the ego, which I refer to as the ‘manager’ in our lives. The ego is that voice always chattering away in our minds, acting as the one that manages and controls us. The ego does its best to divert us away from the guidance of our inner Intelligence, telling us “it is not rational or logical” and those ideas “won’t work”. Our True Self, in contrast, is that place of stillness, awareness and calm within us that continually and persistently directs us in alignment with our Spiritual Intelligence.

If you are looking to have a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your life, as well as greater happiness, then your innate Spiritual Intelligence will provide you with the means to achieve exactly that.


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2 thoughts on “The Seven Hallmarks of Spiritually Intelligent Leaders

  1. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for summarizing your insights from the beautiful talk. I think it will be very useful for our readers. I also suggest they check out your book, promised to be very insightful. How can we all get hold of it ?

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