ConsciousLab Debate on 20 March 2014

The Event: Women’s Approach to Consciousness and Business

For the first time ConsciousLab introduces the much requested multi-speaker “presentations and panel discussion” event.

In one evening, experience views and insights into ‘Conscious Business’ from panelists and business leaders followed, by the opportunity to ask questions in an audience-led debate.

More and more women are reaching the board rooms and many more are successful entrepreneurs. If you ask men or women, both will agree that women have their own take on business, consciousness and work ethics. In fact, some say that the biological and psychological attributes for e.g. multitasking and nurturing abilities of a woman give her a distinct advantage in leadership and management by consciousness. As the role of women in business increases, it’s important to discuss it and, understand it, even challenge it and certainly accept it.

What will the event uncover?

  • Conscious business and role of women
  • Insights into working in large global organizations at both the grass roots and board room level
  • Do organizations really “walk their talk” on the values they publicize?
  • Is there a gender bias to becoming more conscious or is that a misconception?
  • Personal stories of experience in a male dominated business environment from USA, UK and Caribbean
  • Trends and tips for women in business
  • How men see women’s new role in business and leadership – how do we understand one another?

For more information and tickets:



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