Reflections on a Conscious 2013

As we are near the end of the year lets reflect on consciousness.

Our 2013 events explored harnessing untapped potential, bringing the whole of yourself to others, mindfulness at work, excellence without limits, the shape of the future, the business of being conscious, emotional wellness, emotional intelligence, authentic leadership and who do you think you are. Raising consciousness in business continues to be at the forefront of what we do. 

As we prepare for 2014, how will you use what you have learned in 2013 to raise consciousness in 2014. 



Last preparation before the real ‘Adventure’ starts

13 leaders from Germany, England and Ireland arrived today in Puducherry to discover what we call the ‘source’ of consciousness. Technology here supports the work anywhere even on staircases. Today is dedicated to getting to know each other as well … Continue reading