The Rich World Has a Poor Conscience

The late Christopher Hitchens wrote that the rich world has a poor conscience.  Can one infer that the poor world has a rich conscience? Perhaps not. However, at ConsciousLab we believe that raising consciousness is essential to the success of any business, whether in the “rich” or “poor” world.  Consciousness begins with leadership.  What type of leader are you and does your organisation know what you stand for? What is your vision and how are you bringing it into reality? As a leader do you find courage in the face of fear? How will you bring your organisation forward?  These are some of the themes we are looking to explore within the ConsciousLab space. On 14 November Sue Liburd will ask you, the leaders in business who do you think you are? Does your professional mask align with your personal mask? Is your identity conscious? Are you managing this image in an authentic way?  As leaders moving forward in an ever changing global marketplace, this identity needs constant evaluation.

ConsciousSnippets are fragments of consciousness, we hope these tiny bits provide a platform for you to transform your thinking.  Let us know what you’re thinking. Until next time…


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