Consciouslab Interactive Workshop: Dare to Connect

Hi Friends,

Sema Fadil succesfully held a interactive workshop for Consciouslab titled Dare to connect, at the hub Westminster on last Thursday 31 October .

Sema Fadil is a highly experienced teacher of awareness. She has a background of 27 years as a yoga teacher – inclusive of aspects of yoga rather than just Yoga Asana  – and 13 years as a teacher trainer. She uses an array of tools and techniques in her presentations, courses and retreats.

She has provided seminars to a variety of establishments both in the UK and internationally on topics including stress management, body alignment, therapeutic breath work, increasing energy and motivation; decreasing mental clutter and more.

She is an experienced meditator and teacher of relaxation and breath techniques. She is also an experienced life coach specialising in removing obstacles to balanced living through the use of self-exploratory process and proactive techniques to increase self-awareness and presence of mind.

Although her education is primarily holistic, she is skilled in adapting her knowledge to suit all levels of experience and interest. Her clients have included ministers, princes, actors and corporate managers.

See photos and a short video from the event below.

For more information please view:

Sema_Intro Sema_Networking Sema_ Discussing Sema_Discussing Sema_Dare_To_Connect


2 thoughts on “Consciouslab Interactive Workshop: Dare to Connect

  1. Hi Harsh, this is great with the pictures, the video link ….

    Have a great weeks


    Claudia Roth Mobile: +44 785 029 7670

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