Power of Right Attitude

Right  Attitude


There is a state in which one realises that the effect of things, circumstances, all the movements and actions of life on the consciousness depends almost exclusively upon ones attitude to these things. There is a moment when one becomes sufficiently conscious to realise that things in themselves are truly neither good nor bad: they are such only in relation to us; their effect on us depends absolutely upon the attitude we take towards them. The same things , identically the same , if we take it as a gift of god, as a divine grace, as the result of full harmony, helps us to become more conscious, stronger, more true, while if we take it – exactly the very same circumstance – as a blow from fate, as a bad force wanting to affect us, this constricts us, weights us down and takes away from us all consciousness and strength and harmony. And the circumstance I itself is exactly the same – of this, I wish all of you had this experience, for when you have it , you become master of yourself. Not only master of yourself but, in what’s concerns you , master of the circumstances of your life. And this depends exclusively upon the attitude you take; it is not an experience that occurs in the head, though it begins in there, but an experience which can occur in the body itself…
This opens new horizons to you; it is the path, it is one step on the path leading to transformation.

The Mother


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