Silent Communication

Hi Everybody,

I was sent these beautiful words on the significance of silent communication. Hope you find them useful. Harsh




When you are in the midst of a group where everyone is talking and you don’t talk everyone will be thinking, “Why he is not talking?” “Why he is like this?”  “I think he has some problems.”  This puts a subconscious pressure on you to talk like others.  Don’t succumb to this pressure, this stupid group-think.  If you don’t feel like talking don’t talk.  It is better to be silent than to chatter uselessly. This is something which the average man can’t understand.  In ordinary social relations, gossiping and chatter are a source of friendship and camaraderie.  The average man feels friendly only with someone who can talk.  He can’t get along with someone who doesn’t talk.  He feels uneasy in the presence of silence.  But at a higher level, an inwardly advanced person feels a greater harmony in silence than in talking.  Even at a lower level you can achieve a better harmony with a person, if you are able to accept him as he is without judgement, with a silent good thought and feeling for him.  But this acceptance is difficult for the average mentality; it requires a certain level of inner maturity and understanding.  But sometimes this acceptance comes by external circumstance.

A young woman narrated to me some of her experiences during a mountaineering expedition.  She was partnered with a young Japanese who didn’t know English.  So they can’t talk with each other.  They walked and climbed for long hours in silence.  This young woman said she felt, “a deep inner friendship” with him which she never felt with any of her friends.  I said to her, “One of the reasons could be the language barrier.  Both of you knew you can’t talk, which leads to a mutual acceptance and understanding in silence.  When your mind is in a state of silent acceptance, it helps in awakening the deeper feeling of the heart.  If there is no such language barrier and if the other person is silent, you will become suspicious and think, ‘Why he is not talking’ and your mind will begin to indulge in  negative speculations ‘possibly he doesn’t like me.’  And your thoughts and feeling will induce a similar thought and feeling in the other person.  If he is by nature a silent and reserved man, he will be compelled to talk by the pressure of your thinking.  This may lead to a superficial and insignificant chit-chat and you would have never felt that deep feeling for him.”



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