Webinar on Consciousness with SAFIM

Consciouslab today had a thought provoking Webinar with SAFIM from Puducherry on the meaning of Consciousness. It was followed by in-depth discussion on how it effects our personal and professional lives. Sharing some thoughts from the Webinar below.


Consciousness is like space, an indivisible whole;

By putting up four walls, we do not really divide space…so also consciousness.

As each  wave of the sea is the vibration of the total sea-nature,

Each individual consciousness is the vibration of the

ocean of Universal Consciousness.

But we are not consciously connected with this individual consciousness (true self)

which is in the deeper level of our being and not in the surface level

of mind, emotion and body.

That is why we feel separated from others and cosmos…

this separation is the illusion (called ignorance in Indian Spiritual philosophy)

and leads to ego (“I”)…

Yoga means ‘union’ with this innermost consciousness – our true self…

Source: Webinar for Consciouslab,  by SAFIM


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