Adventure of Consciousness- Are you ready?

A personal adventure of consciousness … An Inner Journey to External Excellence


Are you ready to challenge yourself to push your personal boundaries to discover and tap into hidden passion beyond mental noise? If yes, then you will enjoy this personal adventure …


Change is here, change is here to stay!


Times of consistent change and ever increasing complexity demands dramatic reinvention and rapid acquisition of new skills and new ‘thinking and being’ to remain competitive and relevant in an ever changing environment. It is no longer enough to make small, incremental changes. To remain relevant, transformation is required. It’s not enough to change actions instead we need to assess and be willing to challenge our patterns of thinking, our belief systems, our perspectives – in other words, our understanding of the relationship between ourselves and the world.


It becomes increasingly relevant to develop an  understanding of self ‘beyond ‘ what we  want to believe about ourselves and what is expressed through our rational mind. Self knowledge helps to recognize self-imposed limitations created by our mind, our beliefs and assumptions of how we believe the world should be! When we are able to step beyond our self created and self imposed belief systems, – our identify who we believe we are, – unexpected opportunities unfold.


Why this adventure? And why India, why Pondicherry?


Why – here is a brief personal story by the co-founder of ConsciousLab:  In December 2012, I enjoyed an inspirational and  insightful personal adventure in Pondicherry (south India about 3 hours from Chennai/Madras).  This was the seed of this idea. It is a passion of mine to share such an unique opportunity or adventure with anybody who is ready to step into the ‘unknown’ and is interested to explore ‘self’, to challenge our identity, the power of our mind to tap into what I call ‘consciousness’.  And by now means I am an expert on this subject. Instead, I am passionate to learn more how to lead a conscious live. Hence, my desire to return to Pondicherry. This time with like minded leaders.


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